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Beginner’s Guide To Jungian Psychology

After digesting as much content as I could find from Jordan Peterson, I started getting into the work of Carl Jung. I am fascinated by why we do the things we do and what role the our mind plays. Especially from a psychological perspective. The mental side of virtually everything plays a larger role than we currently understand. I often find it amusing to hear so called experts make claims about training, coaching, etc. without giving nearly enough credit to the mental side of those outcomes. Understanding ourselves better, and taking control of what we can mentally - will yield better results than any “expert” program.

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Radical personal finance

I am currently crushing this podcast, and it’s great! Personal finance is a big goal of mine in 2019. Admittedly something I have not spent enough time on. My favorite part of Josh’s approach is the global perspective to wealth. Furthermore, I like his willingness to call bullshit on the ever popular “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” trend. I have fallen victim to listening to these folks, and still do time to time. Bottom line is, their “Ra-Ra” motivational crap is good for a temporary kick in the ass but it’s rarely actionable or rational. Josh delivers information that you can materialize into wealth - and while I am just getting into working his advice…I want to share it with you ASAP in case you want to go on this journey together.

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Game speed

This book is a must have for strength and conditioning coaches. It drives the majority of what we do with our athletes from a speed and agility stand point:

The gamespeed system provides a progressive structure via which movements are developed, honed, and then assembled into quality-movement patterns that transfer directly to enhanced sports performance. These developments are based on the latest research from the domains of neurology and skill acquisition, ensuring that the optimal conditions for skill enhancement are provided. Throughout this book, the objective, at all times, is to make the athlete a better on-field player, and not simply help him to perform drills and tests more effectively. To this end, the gamespeed system addresses key aspects of performance not covered within the majority of speed and agility systems such as perception and cognitive processing, ensuring that the athlete is optimally prepared to perform in their sport. In short, Gamespeed provides athletes and coaches with a system that maximizes performance in all sports, and is the future of movement training. It will not only provide athletes with increased speed and agility, but, more importantly, with the ability to use these tools effectively in each and every game.

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